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Eliza Doolittle (Album)
Release: Available Now
Number Of Tracks: 13
Available From: HMV

Rollerblades (Single)
Release: Available Now
Number Of Tracks: 1
Available From: iTunes

Skinny Genes (Single)
Release: Available Now
Number Of Tracks: 2 (Single And Video)
Available From: iTunes

Mr Medicine (Single)
Release: Available Now
Number Of Tracks: 1
Available From: iTunes

Untitled Second Album (Album)
Release: Late 2011
Number Of Tracks:Unknown
Available From: -

Eliza Sophie Caird (born 15 April 1988), better known by her stage name Eliza Doolittle, is an English singer–songwriter from London, who signed to the Parlophone record label in October 2008. Her debut self-titled album, Eliza Doolittle was released on 12 July 2010, where it debuted at number 3 in the UK. Since the album's release, Doolittle has spawned two top 25 hits, including "Skinny Genes" and "Pack Up", which debuted within the top 5 on the UK Singles Chart. In 2011, Eliza got signed to the modelling agency, Select Models.
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• 02/09/11 - BINGLEY, UK - BINGLEY MUSIC LIVE 2011
• 21/09/11 - LONDON, UK - THE O2 ARENA
• No Dates At This Current Time.

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    Imagine going on holiday with Eliza

    Ever fantasized about going on holiday to Spain with Eliza Doolittle? Strike that: have you ever thought about going with Eliza Caird, because if you’re going anywhere with someone, you ought to at least be on real name basis with them, and not refer to them by their stage name. I’d imagine she’d be quite fun to hang around with in a sunny location like Madrid or one of the Spanish islands like Majorca or Ibiza, because she clearly endeavours to enjoy life.

    It’s a shame really that the likelihood of this ever happening is slim. We can all dream though. I’d just want to talk to her about her music. Maybe try and inspire her a little bit and encourage her to keep delighting us all with her beautiful voice. And then I’d be content to just sit back and do whatever she wanted, go and see the monuments she’s interested in seeing, even if that means walking into a casino with her to play poker, because she wants the real thing, and not just the online variety on es.partypoker.com/ and other websites.

    Okay so that last one might not be an entirely accurate activity she would participate in. The truth is we as fans know very little about her interests on the whole, so whether she plays poker or not is a bit of a mystery. I like to think she’d be quite good at the game though. You have to work quite hard to become a good poker player, regardless of whether you’re trying your luck in Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker, and as a singer who is slowly marking her territory in the music industry, she certainly understands what hard work is. Having spent some time in California she very likely has crossed the border to Nevada to look around the casinos in Las Vegas too, so it’s not too far fetched.

    Anyway, I just want to see her life from her perspective, get to know her personality outside of interviews and the stage, and find out about her interests. No judgements. No commitments. Just the pleasure of her company.

    Written By on Apr 07, 2013 Filed Under Articles

    [Gallery Updates] Eliza And Benji Madden In Primrose Hill, London

    I have added 28 medium quality photos of Eliza Doolittle and boyfriend, Benji Madden furniture shopping in Primrose Hill, London on the 29th January. Eliza and Benji look so cute together in the freezing cold London weather, so make sure you check out the photos in the gallery.

    Written By on Jan 31, 2012 Filed Under Uncategorized

    [Gallery Updates] Eliza and Benji Madden In Beverly Hills, California

    Let me first start off by saying, yes. I have finally found time to update the gallery! And with the first candids of 2012. (which are a tiny bit late…)

    Anyway, I have added 10 high quality photos of Eliza Doolittle in Benji Madden’s classic convertible as they head to the Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch.

    Written By on Jan 25, 2012 Filed Under Gallery Updates

    [Gallery Updates] Eliza And Benji Out And About In Los Angeles

    So, after long last I have finally uploaded some new-ish photos to the gallery. I have added 8medium quality photos of Eliza Doolittle and her new boyfriend Benji Madden, mostly known for being the the band Good Charlotte, out and about in sunny Los Angeles on 29th December 2011.

    I do have a lot more candids to add of Eliza and Benji, so I will make sure I add them before the end of next week.

    Written By on Jan 15, 2012 Filed Under Gallery Updates

    [Website] Have A Very Happy New Year!


    2011 has been a massive year for Eliza Doolittle, from going from singer/songwriter to being signed to select models. Eliza has achieved a lot this year and in March this year released her self-titled album to the USA, along with touring around the US and doing a load of festivals in the UK this summer. Hopefully, 2012 will see the release of Eliza’s second studio album along with a lot more.
    I just want to wish everyone a very happy new year and I hope that 2012 will be bigger and better and all you can stick to all your resolutions!

    Written By on Dec 31, 2011 Filed Under Website

    [Website] Happy Holidays From ElizaDoolittle.Org!

    Basically, I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all get everything you want and have a great Christmas Day! Thank you for visiting ElizaDoolittle.org and to get you into the ‘Christmasy’ mood, I have included the song that Eliza Doolittle sang with Jamie Cullum whilst being interviwed by him on 30th November. They sang ‘Baby Its Cold Outside’ and they both do an amazing performance so make sure you check that out below to get you even more in the Christmas mood!

    Written By on Dec 24, 2011 Filed Under Website

    [Gallery Updates] Three Brand New Photoshoots

    Thanks to my friend, Leigh, I have added 3 brand new medium quality photoshoots to the gallery. Eliza looks absolutly stunning in every photo and I especialy love session 035 as Eliza looks very different, but at the same time still amazing. Make sure you check those out in the gallery.

    Also, over the next couple of weeks I wont be updating as much, mostly due to the fact Christmas is only one week away and that I have a GCSE exam in January, I wont have as much free time to make sure the site is updated 24/7. However I will still try my best and update!

    Written By on Dec 18, 2011 Filed Under Gallery Updates

    [Website] ElizaDoolittle.org Celebrating It’s First Year Online!

    This time last year ElizaDoolittle.org was launched as the first ever fansite for the singer/songwriter/model Eliza Doolittle! Since then, the site has gone though some major changes from it’s first ever layout, to the exclusive photos and a lot more. But most importantly I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who visits ElizaDoolittle.org and made sure I kept on at it to bring you the latest photos and news from Eliza Doolittle! So thank you everyone, as earlier this year the site finally made it onto the first page of Google where it has stayed.


    Anyway, to celebrate this day I have made a brand new gallery theme! As I thought that the last layout had been up for a while and I think the site needed a good change. The photo is from one of my favorite photoshoots of Eliza as I think she looks stunning. So make sure you check that out by clicking the link below the photo which will take you to the Gallery which now stores over 2,000 stunning photos of Eliza and currently has over 90,000 views! Thank you everyone, again!

    Written By on Dec 06, 2011 Filed Under Website

    [Gallery Updates] La Soire Christmas At The Roundhouse

    I have added 4medium quality photos of Eliza Doolittle at La Soire Christmas At The Roundhouse, yesterday (November 28th 2011). Eliza looks absolutly amazing and I love her dress. Make sure you check those out in the gallery.

    Also, you might have noticed before you enter the site, a little ‘enter page’ saying about the sites one year anniversary next Tuesday (06-11-2011) so I will make sure I make something special for next Tuesday.

    Written By on Nov 29, 2011 Filed Under Gallery Updates

    [Gallery Updates] At The Box Nightclub In London

    I have added 5medium quality photos of Eliza Doolittle at The Box nightclub in London, yesterday (November 28th 2011). Where she apparently she was turned away from along with Katie Price, but never the less Eliza looks stunning as she looks like she is having a girls night out.

    Written By on Nov 29, 2011 Filed Under Gallery Updates

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